Alana Langan wears many hats; she is a designer, stylist, creative director and writer guided by a passion to enhance well-being through connection with nature.

Alana is also co-founder of Melbourne-based botanical wares studio IVY MUSE, where she designs products that support and enhance a connection to nature, whilst also moonlighting as a plant stylist; curating plant-life for residential and commercial spaces. 

Alana's styling work has been featured in leading interiors publications including Elle Decor UK, Inside Out, Real Living, whilst also writing and styling for House & Garden.

Spring 2017 saw the release of IVY MUSE’s best-selling first book; ‘Plant Style: How to greenify your space’, (written by Alana, published by Thames & Hudson) which has since gone into its second print run in Australia. A Chinese language edition was released in January 2020. Alana, together with her Ivy Muse business partner wrote another follow-up book, 'Nature Style; Cultivating wellbeing at home with plants' which was released in Australia in 2021, and overseas in early 2022.

Alana is  a keen yogi, meditator and basketballer. Alana lives with her family at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Australia.

Photos (L -R): Amelia StanwixAnnette O'Brien)

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