PLANT STYLE; How to greenify your space. 

By Alana Langan & Jacqui Vidal

In 2017, Alana, together with her long-time friend and IVY MUSE business partner, Jacqui Vidal published 'Plant Style; How to greenify your space, a best-selling handbook on how to turn your home into a jungle-like retreat. With design-savvy tips and expert advice, this guide shares the duo's styling secrets to decorating with plants plus the necessities like light requirements and when to water and feed.

With art direction, writing and over 120 images styled by Alana, this passion project brought Alana's love for nature and its wellbeing benefits to life. A Chinese language edition was released in 2020.

Published by Thames & Hudson. 

Photos: Annette O'Brien for IVY MUSE

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